The 'UU' UVC Sterilizing Light Has a Highly Portable Design

by CollaboratorSpeed Expert on August 16, 2020
The need to sanitize surfaces, technology and more has become imperative for many consumers looking to get back to their daily life in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, so brands are responding with products like the 'Unic Unid (AKA'UU') UVC Sterilizing Light.

The wand-like device works in one of three modes including handheld, hanging and standing that will enable users to customize the way in which it operates. A series of 6 UV lights are built into the unit consisting of six UV-C and 10 UVA that will work to eradicate 99.9% of the bacteria and germs that could be lurking on the surface of products.

The 'UU' UVC Sterilizing Light has a silent operation and is well-suited for use almost anywhere to make it an essential household or travel solution.

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